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Leapfrog Leapster TV Learning System

One of Madison's favorite toys is the LeapFrog Leapster TV Learning System. Now, if you read the reviews on this either you love it or hate it. The biggest complaint is that the graphics stink. Well, I agree. The graphics aren't the greatest. However, I have a 4 year old who really doesn't care about that. She loves the playing the games, and I love that the games are educational. She is learning and doesn't even realize it. The other part that I love is that all the Leapster games work in here. Right now, this is the only Leapster system we have. However, we have been eyeing up the handhelds ones for the long car rides to Green Bay. The fact that those same games will work in here is a huge plus for us. The system is extremely durable. Madison plays hard with all her toys and we've had this over a year, and she hasn't broken it yet! Each game has multiple levels, so when you child gets better at they can still play the game.

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