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Chocolate Meditation

Did I ever tell you how much I love chocolate? It ranks as number one for favorite foods for me, so when I came across these instructions of how to do Chocolate Meditation not only did I have to try it, I had to blog about it.

  1. Get yourself a nice bar of chocolate (I prefer dark chocolate) and cut out three pieces.
  2. Take one of the pieces and just look at it. Study its color, its shading, its size.
  3. Now feel the chocolate — feel its texture. Imagine the process that it took to create the bar of chocolate — from melted to solid bar.
  4. Smell the chocolate; take in its fine aroma. You are absorbing its essence into your body. What does the smell remind you of?
  5. Now, place the chocolate into your mouth. Let it sit there and melt. Savor the chocolate — is it too sweet? Is it just perfect? Feel it dissolve in your mouth and into your being. The chocolate is now a part of you.
  6. After you are done, reflect on the experience. Had you truly enjoyed a chocolate before? Have you truly savored anything in that manner before?

Granted, I mostly like to just shove the chocolate in my mouth.  These instructions slow you down and you actually get to enjoy the chocolate too.  This just makes you step back and reflect.  You can do this with other foods or aspects of your life.  This should come in extremely handy in the next couple holiday stress filled weeks.

Off to go find chocolate!

14 thoughts on “Chocolate Meditation

  1. Too much for me to do to eat a piece of chocolate, lol. Generally I prefer white, and yes it takes me forever to eat a bar because I go overboard melting it in my mouth but, for me and only me, this is overthinking it a bit – and overthinking it takes the joy out of it. Once again, for me and only me. 🙂

  2. We've actually created "The Chocolate Meditation" CD. Our version combinines consciousness with chocolate. The meditation, yes, of course, creates a space of stillness and inner peace, while the chocolate is used as a metaphor for life….and brings in more awareness and gratitude into one's life.
    Think a bit of Eckart Tolle-ish teachings with the yumminess of one of the most delectable treats on the planet, and you're there!

    I love that you love chocolate. Hey, whatever keeps the love going in the world! 🙂

    Peace, love & hot chocolate,

    Julie Dittmar

  3. I really enjoy eating chocolate and am interested in trying this. I love all kinds and forms of meditation, just bettering yourself in general seems like a great idea. I'm trying to relieve anxiety and other forms like this may just make it that much easier!

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