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Choosing The Right Sofa

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This is a guest post.

Choosing the right sofa can seem like an easy decision but in truth it is a minefield of mini decisions and considerations like…

How will the sofa fit in with the rest of the room’s decor –

Seems obvious but when buying new sofas you should consider how the colours and design will fit in with the rest of the room. Obviously it is easier to change sofa colour then repaint your living room!

How long do you want to keep this sofa-

Your sofa budget should be dictated in part by how long you intend to keep the sofa if you have just moved into your first home (aff) then you might want to spring some cash for a lifelong sofa commitment. However if you are renting then you may want to opt for a portal cheap option.

Sofa or sofa bed-

This one is tricky and will depends on how many guests and visitors you are expecting. Sofa beds are notoriously uncomfortable so make sure you get a good sofa bed. Watch out for sofa beds that uncomfortable when living life as a sofa or as a bed. Ideally you want to find a sofa bed that is uber comfy in both incarnations. You want your guests to come back right so make sure they don’t leave your home (aff) with a bad back!

Leather or fabric-

Leather is more expensive but much more durable, be sure to get good quality leather as thin leather will age much faster. Fabrics sofas are easier to clean and can be a better option if you have kids!

What type of fabric and covers-

Sofa fabrics now come in a wealth of colours and textures so spend some time getting exactly what you want. The best sofa companies let you order fabric samples which are a good way to figure out which fabric your heart desires.

What is the sofa hiding-

People often use sofas to hide that hole in the laminate flooring, ugly radiator or hideous skirting board. Take the shape and size of your sofa into account when trekking around the sofa showroom. Measure up your sofa at home and check out the dimensions of the new sofa in the shop to make sure you don’t have any moving disasters!

What shape –

Sofas now come in a plentiful range of shapes and designs. However make sure you can fit the new sofa through your doors or it can be taken apart otherwise you’ll be stuck sitting on your new sofa in the street!

They say moving house, getting married and going on family holidays are the most stressful things you can do in life well buying a new sofa should rank highly up there with them too!

Jonathan is a freelance writer who enjoys lazing in any of his sofas

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3 thoughts on “Choosing The Right Sofa

  1. Author has given very important information. It covers almost every point worth considering while purchasing a sofa. I would like to add my views that can be helpful in the matter.

    While purchasing a sofa first thing is why you are purchasing the sofa and it covers various things such as your purpose of buying the sofa, space available for it, type of sofa you needed, suitable color of sofa according to place, .

  2. People always forgot to choose the right fabric for those who have pets like dog or cat. Consider to remove their hair, its stress me LOL. Leather more better to me

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