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Christmas Tree Madness

This is what our Christmas tree looked like for about two hours on Sunday.  Granted, our prelit tree is 8 years old.  However, half of the tree was out when we put it up.  Of course, Bill didn't bother to plug it in until we were over half done getting it up and fixing the branches.  He's lucky I didn't recommend he start researching a hotel las vegas.  Instead, I stayed quite calm and just finished the tree.  Since only one side of the tree was out, we were able to cheat and just turn that side to the wall.  We also broke two ornmanents (thanks kids!) before we even had the garland on the tree.  Good times, good times.

Here are a few more pics of us/the tree/the kids having some fun:

12 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Madness

  1. Decorating the christmas tree is always an experience! It only took us about three days this year, which is really fast for us!

    Your children look to have had a wonderful time doing it though!

  2. the sound of Christmas makes me happy and crazy for fun.. i m waitaing for Christmas ceromony…. kids are doing fun for ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ decorate christmas TREE.

  3. Those kids look like they are having so much fun! I miss decorating a tree as my mom does it all herself now that we are grown up.

    By the way that blues clues ornament rocks! 🙂

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