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Countdown To Christmas: BackScratcher World

We all get those itches that we just can't scratch. I know I have had to look around the house for ruler or anything that can get that itch that no one can reach. I now have my handy dandy backscratcher.  Let me tell you, this thing is awesome.  It can reach anywhere on my back.  It actually works better than me itching!  (I have long finger nails and can draw blood without trying sometimes). They are eco-friendly and are handcrafted out of wood by local USA craftsmen in Maine and Tennessee. They are made out of walnut, cedar, aromatic cedar, cherry, oak, and maple.  Now, these are so easy that anybody can use them:

When my one year old got ahold of it, he thought it was a sword, and it made it through that beating. You can even buy telescoping back scratchers which is smaller version of this that would make great stocking stuffers. If you've ever had an itch you couldn't scratch, you need to get one of these awesome backscratchers!

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