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Countdown To Christmas: Kooky Klickers

Do you always find you can never your pen when you need one? With Kooky Klickers, you will never lose your pen again. However, you will find more people borrowing your pens and not returning them. Each Kooky Klickers pen has a unique design and are six inches in length. They have crazy stringy hair that bounces and springs when you write too! Each Kooky Klicker has a special design, unique name, birth order, and number holographic sticker. They are released as part of a six member crew too. These easily attach to your key chain, and everyone will want to know where you got yours when they see it! (I know that has happened for me). Now, if I have as much fun as an adult with this, imagine how much fun your kids will have! Madison thought they were super funny looking, and she loved writing with them. Since Will is only one, he just giggled when he saw them. He also thought they were pretty funny when he was trying to write with his pen too!

Kooky Klickers are an excellent stocking stuffer for Christmas for both adults and kids alike!

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