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Crib Recall

Ever have your heart stop?  I did tonight watching the news.  I heard that 1 million Simplicity cribs were recalled due to 3 (aff) infant deaths.  We looked at getting that kind of crib.  We opted to get one that was about 3 (aff) – 4 times more expensive due to it looking better and more sturdy.  I have never been more happy that we spent the extra money.

2 thoughts on “Crib Recall

  1. i bought the simplicity crib for my baby. to my horror i woke up this morning to find my 7 month old sitting on the floor and not in his crib where i left him that night. i could not understand how he got out until i looked at his crib. one side of the drop latch had come apart leaving a gap for him to squeeze out of. only by the good lord above is my son alive. he could of suffocated easy. why are they still selling these cribs? there is no warning. i do not know about you but the directions are hard enough to follow on any simple toy but to have to pay the price of death for a simple error of what end is up? shame on china!!!

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