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Devine Lip Shimmers

DeVine Lip Shimmers give your lips a moisturizing glow. They also infuse your lips with power anti-oxidants to promote youthful lip texture.

Devine Lip Shimmers are made with all-natural, gluten free, and alcohol free ingredients. They are assembled at an award winning, USA based, FDA audited, USDA organic certified, and cruelty free facility. They are available in wine shades like spritzer, champagne, merlot, rose, and bordeaux.

I really like the DeVine Lip Shimmers. They add a little color to my lips. However, I love that they keep my lips moisturized. They do exactly what they say they are going to do. I find that I don't chew on my lips and I don't lick them either when wearing DeVine Lip Shimmers.

I can only recommend this!

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