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Dry Idea Advanced Dry

This has been the hottest summer that I can remember. Here in Chicago, we have had a ton of really hot days (we are talking over 100 degrees). Sweating is an understatement. 🙂 It also puts your deodorant to the test.

I was able to try out Dry Idea over this last heat wave, and it stood up to the test. I normally am pretty picky on my deodorant choices, because a lot of them don't work for me, and who wants to go around smelly? The Dry Idea Roll On gives you 24 hour protection. It is made with a fast drying micro-cotton formula and contains Vitamin E. It is also hypo-allergenic. My only complaint is that I did find that it sometimes leave a while film on clothes that touched it. Even so, I am still a fan, because it was able to hold up to over 100 degree temperatures!

Dry Idea is also holding a sweepstakes with $1000 in prizes! $500 1st place prize and 10 $50 2nd place prizes.

Not everyone can win the $1000, so I have a giveaway of my own! Three winners will win a coupon for a free bottle of Dry Idea! Here's what you need to do:

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16 thoughts on “Dry Idea Advanced Dry

  1. I have a hard time find deo that keeps me dry. I tried several different kinds but they dont work.

  2. I would love to win this because I have always liked Dry Idea deodorant. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!
    busymom369 at gmail dot com

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