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DWTS: Kate Gosselin

I know people hate Kate Gosselin. I get that (kinda). That being said — you have to give her credit.  I watch all the haters on Twitter and I've actually responded that I'd like to see any of us get on that show.  I can tell you — I'd suck.  I know I'd suck.  Most of us would suck.  Kate is not an actress, she's not an athlete, she's a mom.  Think how nerve wracking that show has to be.  The haters who are all about “she needs to stay home (aff) with her kids”.  Well, people, do your research.  They practice at her house!  Instead of tearing her down, us moms should be bringing her up.  We should be voting for her because she's one of us.  Plus, it isn't like Jon is paying child support for all those kids, so let the woman make a paycheck where she can!  I also hate that last week they made all the women look whiny with their little stories.

I have to say that Pam Anderson annoys me on the show.  It's how much she can flaunt what she's got.  I'm not impressed by that.  However, since she's hot, the audience will keep voting for her.

Who do you like on Dancing With the Stars?  Anybody you hate?

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2 thoughts on “DWTS: Kate Gosselin

  1. I think everyone should cut her some slack, too. And I totally agree that MOST people are not athletes or music stars with dance training. I think that is the FUN part of DWTS…having contestants that are NOT trained for it and LEARN how to dance on the show!

  2. As much as I was interested in seeing Chad and Pamela … and Erin and Buzz, I was certainly interested in seeing Kate Gosselin’s dance. At one point, the “Plus 8” show was a regular part of the viewing cycle and the “spot the product” game was born.

    I liked the tongue-in-cheek song selection and the setup. I didn’t quite recognize her in the Cruella de Vil outfit out of the gate, but liked the choreography and where they were headed. I felt for her. You want to let it go and live in the moment, but she was clearly in her head about the steps and probably one million other things.

    But, she said she felt proud after getting through the dance. Face your fears and issues and plow forth. Who’s to argue with that?

    I rolled through the entire 2 hours (3, with the votes show) through the eyes of a first-timer <a> here .

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