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10 Free (Or Inexpensive) Places To Go This Summer

Summer can be super expensive. However, it doesn't have. Here is a small list of places you can go this summer and not spend a lot of money!

1. Your Backyard! Your backyard is fun of fun. You can camp back there, create a garden, explore, etc. Best of all, most things you can do in your backyard are free!

2 (aff).  Go camping. Now, this will cost you a little money.  However, it is great to get away sometimes.  We recently booked a camping trip for July that is running us $30 a night.  It is fairly inexpensive to camp, and I know, my kids love it.  (We personally camp in a tent.  However, I draw the line and do bring a blow mattress to sleep on.  We could get our site even cheaper if we didn't pay for the electric, so I could blow up my bed.)

3 (aff).  Library.  The library is great.  It is free to check out books, games, activities, movies, etc.  The other great thing about the library (well, at least my library) is that they offer free (or low cost) classes!  My library also has scheduled activities going on each month too! The key is to return your book on time, so you don't get any fines!

4.  Your Local Park District.  I know not every state has these.  However, you have something that offers classes.  Our local park district offers nature classes all summer for very cheap. It definitely something to check out.

5.  Your Local Craft Store.  I know my local craft stores are constantly offering classes to teach you awesome crafts, cake decorating, etc.

6.  Your Local Hardware Store.  I know the closest hardware store to me has adult classes all the time that will show you how to do things around your home (aff).  They also offer kids workshops too that are free!

7.  The Mall.  My local mall has a play area that is free to play in.  It is also a great place to walk in.  Now, you have to manage to not go shopping while you are there to keep it inexpensive.  🙂

8.  Forest Preserves.  Here in Illinois, we have forest preserves though I know other states have places like these and they are just called something different.  They are free to enter and you are able to hike in them.  They are a great way to get the kids outdoors and a great place to have a picnic too.

9.  Local park.  Your local park is also free and most kids can spend hours in them!

10. Head to a lake, river, pond, etc.  You can usually swim, skip rocks, fish, etc at your local watering hole for no cost.

Hopefully, you have a few free and inexpensive ideas to keep you and your kids busy this summer!

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