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10 Free (Or Inexpensive) Things To Do This Summer

I already did a post on where to go this summer if you are trying to save money.  How about things you can do at home (aff)?  Here's 10 Free (Or Inexpensive) Things To Do This Summer!

1.  Make a kite.  However, make sure you fly it in a safe area!

2 (aff).  Make a time capsule and bury it in your yard.

3 (aff).  Bake.  Make cookies, muffins, bread, etc. with your little ones.  My kids love to help me bake, and muffins, for me, is a great way to include them in the process and have breakfast for the week at the same time!

4.  Make puppets.  The easy way to do this is with socks, but my kids have even taken markers and just drew faces on their hands.  We also have a puppet theater, so they make up shows for us too!

5.  Movie Night/Afternoon.  You can pop some popcorn and throw in a movie at home (aff).  If you want to watch something you don't have, make sure you rent from your local RedBox.  You can get a movie for one night for $1 from them!

6.  Guitar Hero Marathon.  If you have Rock Band or Guitar Hero, spend an afternoon playing it.  It's a fun game and can keep your kids occupied.  (I realize that this is only inexpensive as long as you own a Wii, Playstation, XBox, etc).

7.  Have a board game night/afternoon.  Spend a couple of hours playing board games and/or card games.  It's a great way to squeeze in family time, and as long as you have the games, costs you nothing.

8.  The radio game.  This is something Bill and I play on road trips.  All you need is a radio and your brain.  The point of the game is to be the first person to guess who sings the song on the radio.  Once everybody gives up or somebody guesses correctly, you change the channel to the next station.  The best part is that if you aren't sure who is singing something and have a smart phone, you can download apps that will tell you the singer of that song.

9.  Colored chalk.  This one does require a driveway, sidewalk, etc.  My kids can play with for hours with chalk.  They can draw pictures, write their name, and even draw a hopscotch board.

10. Create a garden.  You can get seeds fairly inexpensively.  Your kids will love watching you grow flowers, vegetables, etc (whatever you choose).  We created a butterfly garden at my house, and some days we just sit in the backyard and watch all the butterflies in the yard!

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  1. Nice things to do in summer, your list is good for kids to learn them different things. Thanks.

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