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Google +

Can I warn you all to get your adjustable office chairs ready?  If you get an invite to this awesomeness that is called Google +, you better be ready for the time suck it is and of course, be comfortable in your leather office chair.  I've handed out quite a few invites myself (if you are interested in one, comment down below or message me your email address so I can get you one).

Google + is everything Facebook isn't.  Really.  You get to categorize your “friends” into “circles”.  I have several circles set up like bloggers, family, friends, etc.  The really cool thing is that you can put people into multiple circles.  I've heard that at some point you will be able to have shared circles.  Another cool thing is that you can't see what circle I've put you in (so no guilt attached if I just put you in blogger and you put me in friend!).

Hangout is super awesome.  It's like having a call with a bunch of people on your google interface.  It's very, very cool as long as you are dressed and have your hair and makeup done.  LOL

You can also +1 what people say (I liken this to “likes” on Facebook).

You can tag people (including yourself).

There's a mobile app for it.

You can look at the stream for your groups.  SOoo if you just want to check what's up with your family, you check that circle and it filters everything else out!

Google + how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways. (see above)  Honestly, it's better than Facebook!  I just hope that when everybody can get in, they will, because as long as this can scale, it will beat Facebook.  So get comfortable in your fabric office chair, let me know you want an invite, and enjoy!

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  1. Hi Lisa, I've heard so much about +1 that I would like to try it. If you can send me an invitation it would be great.

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