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GRiPPiES_homeshapesI always love products where I hit myself upside the head and go “why didn't I think of this”. GRiPPiES is another one of these products.  This is the no slip solution for tights and socks if you have hard wood floors.  My house use to be a “no sock” zone, because everyone, including myself, ends up slipping and sliding due to my hardwood floors.  If I clean them (the floors), the slipping problem often became ten time worse.  However, GRiPPiES is a product that has come to the rescue.

These are so easy to use.  You can either buy the tights that already have the GRiPPiES on them, or you can buy the adhesives (either iron on or peel and stick).  For me, the peel and stick ones are easier, but the iron ons weren't all that hard to do.  There are easy to follow instructions on the back of the packs.  Each pack contains 24 adhesives, so you can add these to plenty of socks.  Best of all, these are machine washable and dryer safe. You don't have to handle them any different than you do any other socks in your laundry.  They are also lead free, BPA/Phthalate free, non toxic, and fungus resistant.

If you hardwood floors in your house like me, you need GRiPPiES in your house too!


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0 thoughts on “GRiPPiES

  1. I could have sooooo used these when we had hardwood floors throughout the house and on the stairs too. It looked absolutely beautiful and was so easy to keep clean – but deadly.

    I always warned people to keep on their shoes when they came in (which I prefer anyway).

    Everyone in our family slipped/fell and 2 guests did as well 🙁 No casualties other than the plate of dinner Crystal was carrying – LOL

  2. I totally need grippies for my husband! Everyone else has slippers with grippy bottoms to wear, but I can never find slippers in his giant tall man size! He has to wear compression socks because he has a circulation problem, so these are totally awesome for his situation. (yay!)

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