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Have You Read Scott Walkers Budget Repair Bill?

The thing that annoys me most when I try to talk with people who are FOR Scott Walkers Budget Repair bill is when they ask: Have you even read the bill? Umm, yes, yes I have. For those of you who haven't, I've linked it above.  You can read with your own two eyes what Scott Walker is trying to do in the State of Wisconsin.

The unions have given Scott Walker the concessions he wants.  If this was truly about balancing the budget, he wouldn't be taking away collective bargaining rights.  The state assembly wouldn't be starting meetings early and voting on amendment issues BEFORE the Democrats even arrived.  (Yes, this did happen on Friday.  The Republicans started the meeting early and then didn't even follow their own rules.  They skipped discussing and voting on NOT 1 BUT 2 (aff) amendments to get to the one they wanted.  I watched them do it with my own two eyes).

Dear Wisconsin Senators who are now hiding out in IL, you are my hero.  You are standing up for the rights of the people not a few millionaires pulling the purse strings here.  If you need a place to stay, I've got extra room.  🙂

I cannot believe this is happening in my home (aff) state.  The crazy thing is that Scott Walker isn't the only one using this playbook.  Ohio is another state this is happening too.

Stand up for union workers everywhere.  They are the reason you work a 40 hour workweek, your job site is safe, you have holidays and weekends off, and you are paid a living wage.

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