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For the music lover in your family, iBlink ear buds are the perfect gift. The reason they are so cool is that they blink to the beat of your music.  Since they are gel, you are able to custom fit them to your ear and block outside nose.  I also found it very cool that the volume level controls the brightness of the flashing lights. The unit comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery with USB charging cable too.  I found them very comfortable to wear, and the kids thought it was really cool that they were lighting up.  We tried it with all sorts of music, and they really did work.  These ear bugs will work with ipods, iphones, mp3 players, and even gaming players.

This is a unique gift that will surprise anybody who listens to music.  I found that when people saw them, they all wanted to know where you got them!


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  1. The fact that they contour to your ears is great. I usually have that kind of problem. My ears hurt right after.

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