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It seems like fate

As I wrote in my other post, my cousin recently died.  My cousin was beautician and had been doing my mother's hair for the last 33 years.  She really needed a perm, however, she was waiting for my cousin to get better.  Obviously, that did not happen.  My mom made an appointment at the same place that I had my hair done at for my wedding.  We had great service at that time, and she remembered that it seem like an older person place.  They put her with a wonderful woman named Michelle.

You know how you get to talking to the beautician doing your hair?  Well, my mom and Michelle started talking.  They talked about how they both grew up on farms — her in DePere, my mom in Suring (now Suring is an hour north of Green Bay and has about 500 people living there).  When my mom said Suring, Michelle was like I know somebody from there.  My mom was like “Oh really!  Who?”  Michelle said “Well her mom's name started with a B.  I think it was Beulah.”  Well, Beulah was my aunt.  She died several years ago of ovarian cancer.  The person she knew was my cousin Carmen.  Carmen died 12 years ago.  She was 6 months pregnant and in the hospital for kidney infection.  She had a brain anerism and died instantly.  She was a first grade teacher at the time.  Honestly, it was the sadest funeral I have ever went too.  Not only was my family shook up, there were all these little kids there who understood to varying degrees what was going on.  Well, Michelle's daughter had Carmen as a teacher.  The school put a memorial bench in Carmen's honor.  Michelle was the one who collected the money to get that done.

Now, Green Bay isn't a small town, so for my mom to run into this lady is just well odd.  I am glad she met her.  It was like it was meant to be.  When she was telling this story, I felt like I should be sitting in some home theater seating and eating popcorn, because this whole situation feels like it came out a movie.

Ever have something like this happen to you?

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7 thoughts on “It seems like fate

  1. That is a wonderful story Lisa. How nice for your Mom to meet someone so special to your family. Funny how these things happen when you least expect them, huh?

  2. yeah it is no doubt a tragic story but we cant fix ourselves with one event we need to recover fastly to get our liabilities done.

    Have a cup of Boba tea and try to forget!!!

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