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Limu The Blue Turtle and His Hawaiian Garden

Limu The Blue Turtle (aff) and His Hawaiian Garden is a book my inlaws brought back from Hawaii while they were there on vacation. I guess that this book is part of a series. However, this is the first one we have. The first thing that grabs your attention with this book is the beautiful illustrations. I even like to look through this book to look at the pictures! As you can tell from the title of this book, this book take splace in the ocean by the underwater gardens.  Limu is a blue turtle who is given a gift from his friend Jonah (a whale).  This gift, a seaweed tree, started creating problems, so he went to the Faraway-Forest where it came from.  On the way, he met Coral, a pink turtle.  The story is about how they get the seaweed tree back home (aff) and fixed their garden.  It's a cute story with great pictures and a winner in this house!

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