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Little Tikes Dive, Chip, & Putt Golf Trainer

My husband is a golfer, and my kids are wanting to learn to golf too. However, I am not about to give them real golf clubs. That's where the Little Tikes Dive, Chip, & Putt Golf Trainer comes in.  With this handy toy, the kids can play golf in the yard with the Bill (my husband).  Madison and Will love this.  It comes with several clubs, so there is no fighting.  There is the ball that is attached (which makes it so you aren't running after golf balls) and some loose ones too (which is so awesome for me.  I love that I can have both kids playing with this at the same time).  The flag on the top can be taken off and used to mark a hole for them to aim towards too.

This is one of those toys that you don't have to show the kids what to do.  They just know.  It is also a huge hit in my house, and I can only recommend that you get one for your house!

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5 thoughts on “Little Tikes Dive, Chip, & Putt Golf Trainer

  1. That is very cute. I wish that was around when my son was younger. My boyfriend and I are planning (if weather goes well) to take his son and my own putt putt. It will be fun as they never have done it. 🙂

    However, that is a really nifty idea!

  2. This can be considered as educational. Nice play if you want your kids to be the likes of Tiger Woods. But I wonder the price?

  3. I am an avid golfer. During the summer i play at least twice a week. When my son was 4 i bought him something similar to this and let me tell you i think it actually got him on the right path to creating a decent golf swing because 4 years later he is actually a pretty good little golfer. We may have the next Tiger http://lisareviews.com/wp-includes/images/smilies… (oh wait scratch that lets go with Phil Mickelson) on our hands.

  4. This is so cool! A perfect gift for my sisters kid. Goof training for the kids too if they want to play for real when they get a little older! Are they still enjoying it? Is it loud?

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