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Little Tikes Hop & Scoot ATV

Another awesome toy you have to get your little ones is the Hop & Scoot ATV. The ages for this is 1 1/2 (aff) – 5 years old. Since it is hard to find toys appropriate for Will's age (2 (aff)), it is great when we find winners like this one. The reason I love this is that the kids can bounce to make it go. This is great for us because Will is still trying to figure out how to make things go forward. It has a wide wheelbase, so it is hard for them to tip themselves over. It also works on hand eye coordination, gross motor skills, and coordination. I love the large age range for it, because both my kids can play with it (it's just getting them to share which seems to be the problem).  It is pretty easy for Will to climb on and make himself go.  He loves having that kind of independence!

My only complaints is it took 3 (aff) grown men to put it together (granted, I don't think they actually read the directions) and Will has a hard time making it scoot.  He just uses his feet, but loves it all the same.

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