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Mr. Twister™ Moo Mixer™

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My kids LOVE this. I just can't say LOVE enough. Capitalizing LOVE doesn't even describe it. Basically, what the Moo Mixer is a push button mixer.  However, it's easy enough for both my kids (2 and 5 to use).  They actually fight over who can do their milk first (I also have chocolate milk lovers in my house too).  This is how easy this is:

Add milk:

Add chocolate:

Hit button to stir:

It is that easy! Granted, a spoon is much cheaper, but nowhere near as fun.  We actually hide it from the kids when not in use, because otherwise, all they would do is play with it.  I would recommend the Mr. Twister Moo Mixer for any house who has little ones that like chocolate milk.

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