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My sister recently got back from traveling all over in Europe. We are going to go visit her this weekend, so I am super excited to talk to her about her trip and see the 400 pictures she took (they were there almost two weeks). I know she was in France and Germany. I think she went to England too. One of the things I did not get a chance to ask her yet is about Rent Parking in London. I have heard that the traffic and parking situation there is ten times worse than here in the States (and I live by Chicago which has to be the #1 capital of gridlock and parking issues so I cannot believe than anywhere can be worse than this. However, I am sure it is). When viewing Park Let, I have to admit I am impressed. I love that I can see where each of the parking garages are and their prices. You are then able to pick which one best serves your needs. If you have parking spaces that you can rent out, they are interested in that too! I know if we ever make it to Europe and England I will be using this service.

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