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Madison’s Camp Show

I've been trying to upload this video for a while, so hopefully this works.

At the end of summer camp, each camp group puts on a song. This is Madison's. (She's got a red shirt and red shorts on. She's the furthest to the left too).

It's not the greatest video.  However, I was holding a sleeping Will and video'd this with my cell phone!

4 thoughts on “Madison’s Camp Show

  1. That was really cute! I like the way Madison took her hat all the way off to 'tip her hat' at the audience – and the way she kept tapping her feet! Adorable!

    What kind of camp did she go to?

    1. It was just a regular camp. On Mondays, they had a theme day (like a beach), on Wednesdays they went on field trips (to the zoo, the museums, etc), and on Friday they went swimming. She's been going since she was 4 because it gives her something to do, and she loves it.

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