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MarioKart for the Wii has been a great addition to our games. It is a game that both kids and adults can play. The game comes with a steering wheel, but you can also play it with the controller (which at times I actually prefer. There are several races that you can play. You can play against the machine, against up to 4 players, or in a battle.  Using the WiFi connection, you can even play with up to 11 online characters!  You are able to play using your own Mii character or play using some of your favorite Mario characters!  There are so many tracks to do that you can have hours and hours of fun with this game!  Have no worries, you don't need a Garmin GPS to figure out these tracks either. There are a couple I struggle with myself, but I am looking forward to playing online against some other others when I get really good.  If you have this game, let me know your thoughts, but we are truly enjoying it here!

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