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Monster High Rochelle Goyle Doll

The Monster High student body continues to grrr-ow with four new ghouls enrolling this year. Like her fellow classmates, the Parisian-inspired Rochelle Goyle (aff) doll has a signature style with lots of scary cool details and an ancient monster heritage. Rochelle Goyle is the daughter of the infamous Gargoyles. Rochelle would also be lost without his best friend and sidekick, Roux, a lovable and loyal gargoyle griffin. Because she’s shy, she can sometimes seem like she has a chip on her shoulder, but she’s actually a loyal friend with a rock-solid fashion sense. She wears a black-and-white outfit with silvery accents and bold accessories and comes with her gargoyle griffin named, Roux, diary, doll stand, and brush.

Can I tell you how much I love this doll! Madison isn't into all the girly stuff, but a doll like this? Definitely! If your girls (and even boys) are into the ghoulish stuff, the Monster High line of dolls will be right up your alley. I love that these dolls symbolism being okay with your own style. (I also love the specs on the back of the box telling you everything you wanted to know. Age: 415. Favorite Food: Hard Rock Candy).

If your child has a style all their own, the Monster High Rochelle Goyle Doll is a must have!

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