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#NSNation Update – Week 7

I have to thank you all for your support on my last post.  There is nothing more frustrating than working your butt off and not losing weight.  However, I have been crazy busy over the weekend and I just watched what I ate.  Now, I ate out on Saturday and Sunday night for dinner instead of my Nutrisystem meals.  I was at the International Housewares Show (post coming soon about that!), and I had to figure out what to do.  I also ate out for lunch on Saturday.  I drank a ton of water, because it was warm and dry at the show.  (I've walked for over 24 hours over the last couple of days. Yes, my legs hurt!)  I just did my best and hoped for the best.

It was so cool to talk to people at the show and talk to them about my success even though last week there was no weight loss.  One of the comments last week was that I should look at it as that I didn't gain any weight.  🙂  I held onto that.  Also, I had my friend from Table For Five staying at my house so we could go to the show together.  She told me all weekend that I am the poster child for Nutrisystem, because I had no problems sticking to this program.  I have been able to manage losing weight and eating out.

So with all that being said, onto the important stuff.  I wasn't home yesterday, so I did my weigh-in this morning.  I am down an additional 3.6 pounds!  That means I get another NutriBear!  I've lost 21.4 pounds in 7 weeks!  I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself!  Now, if somebody can come over and massage my legs and feet, I'll pay you a million dollars. 🙂


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