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Nutribears – #NSNation Update Week 6

Meet my new Nutribear! Yes, you heard me right. For every 10 pounds you lose on Nutrisystem, they send you one of these cute bears! I love how they allow you to visualize how much weight you've lost. Plus, it's cute and a great talking point when people ask you. My kids loved it too! Plus, after you've acquired a few of these, you can really see what you lost!

Well, onto my update. I wish I could say I've done awesome this week. I exercised more than I have before. I have had 0 soda in a week. Instead, I found some 0 calorie generic lemonade. You just add the powder to water. If figured that was better than soda. I hate drinking water, so this was the best I can do. I've stuck to my meal plan (though I tend to be low on calories so I am wondering if that is what happened). However, I kept forgetting to drink my protein drink.

Needless to say, when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was disappointed to see that I had lost zero pounds this week. The part that kills me is that the clothes I bought last weekend – I feel that they are looser. Now, that may be in my head or my body is shifting my weight again. Sigh. Regardless, I just finished my protein drink while I was typing this and I'm crossing my fingers for this upcoming week! (And I'll be gone to the Housewares Show this weekend and next week, so I am worried I'll have another week of 0 lost!).


I’d love to hear all of your feedback! I need it this week!

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21 thoughts on “Nutribears – #NSNation Update Week 6

  1. Isn't it sad that we base our success on a number. If your clothes you just bought are feeling looser and you're feeling good (obviously you have energy to exercise!) then count that as success…not failure. Think of the commercial that shows the ZERO…hang in there, that scale will move again.

    1. Ohh I didn't think about the fact that I'm exercising more because I have more energy. Great point! And I have definitely reframe my thinking because my husband keeps telling me I look great and he can definitely see a difference (even if I can't!).

  2. That's such a fun and encouraging way to keep you going. The kids must love the fact that you're losing weight and Teddy arrives!

  3. I think the answer is probably in the exercising more than you ever have before… really upping an exercise plan can throw your body for a loop! I often slow way down or gain a little when I ramp up physical activity. Forgetting your protein shakes probably didn't help either… I've found WW doesn't work the best when you don't follow it as intended, NS is probably the same. 🙂 You're doing great. Don't let one week set you back!

  4. On the bright side, you didn't gain any weight this week, right? Just take it one day at a time and I know the overall results will be worth it.

    And those bears are super cute! Do they send you different colors?

    1. I like your bright side of things. 🙂 And I think the bears do come in different colors. I'll see when I lose this last 2.2 lbs and then I'll be at 20 lbs.

  5. You exercised which builds muscles. I'm sure you've lost but it equaled out in weight. Have you been tracking inches, too? That's always a fun way to see that you're still losing even when the scale stays the same. I'm down 4.2 so far!

  6. Sometimes even though you may not have lost weight, you might lose inches. I'm not exactly sure the scientific rationale behind that but bonus for not gaining. How do you like the program?

  7. I like the name of Nutribear. It's real cute. You have really good weight loss here. Maybe that protein drink did helped you a lot. Best of wishes and God bless lisa.. Looking forward for more post.

    Extreme No

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