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NutraSea Kids

I'm always looking for ways to get vitamins into my kids systems. They aren't ones to actually take a chewable kind, and NutraSea Kids solves that problem for me. Ascenta NutraSea Kids is an Omega-3 (aff) supplement that also has EPA and DHA omega-3 (aff) essential fatty acids, GLA omega-6 fatty acid, and Vitamin D. Research has shown omega-3 and -6 to be beneficial for concentration and behavior, improved mood and ADHD in children. It comes in a “very berry” flavor that kids love, and can be mixed into their yogurt, smoothie, etc. Now, I was able to mix this in with a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with milk and chocolate milk, and my kids took it without realizing. 🙂

All of Ascenta’s products are third-party tested for quality, purity and label claims. The test results for each bottle are posted online with the Pure Check program and can be accessed using the lot number on the bottle, providing unique transparency that no other omega-3 supplement manufacturer offers and putting mothers’ minds at ease.

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