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Carmex Lip Conditioner

Of all the Carmex products, my husband says the Carmex Lip Conditioner is his favorite. This uniquely creamy, light formula with a natural orange flavor is not like anything else you’ve tried before. It has 13 moisturizing ingredients that absorb quickly. The big thing for my husband is that it doesn’t have a greasy or sticky feel (he has texture issues at times lol). Now, for us girls, we can use it alone or even use it under lipstick!

Mainly, we like it this in our house, because it works. The flavor isn’t overwhelming. With the crazy weather we have had here, dry lips are a given. However, with using the Carmex Lip Conditioner, I don’t have chapped lips! Love that!

I can definitely see the Carmex Lip Conditioner as a stocking stuffer this year!

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