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Oliver's Labels

Once your kids go to school (and probably daycare too), you have to label everything.  A good Sharpie only works for so long and doesn't work on everything.  That is where Oliver's Labels come in.  They have a label for everything on their site.  Need a label for a sippy cup?  They've got it.  Need a label for your shoes?  They  have that too!  Need a label for your daughter's clothes so they don't get mixed up since everybody has a matching uniform?  They have that too!  Seriously, I could keep going.  I'd be surprised if you found something they don't have a label for!

Not only do they have a label for everything, they also have some of the best designs out there.  You can personalize the labels to fit your kids' personalities.  The labels I ordered for Madison have butterflies on them, because she loves that right now.  They have plain color designs, flower designs, and even dinosaurs, animal faces, and transportation vehicles!  Again, there is something for everyone to pick from.

However, my most favorite part of their labels is the found it tracking system.  Instead of broadcasting your phone number to the world, the labels tell the person who found it to go to Oliverslabels.com and put in the tracking code that is on the label.  Then they send you an email letting you know that somebody found your stuff!  Best of all, it's free!  How cool is that? The labels also won't rub off, so they'll look as good in 5 years as they do today!

There are so many reasons to use Oliver's Labels to labeling your things!  What do you need to label?

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  1. I love those pre-fab labels!! They really stick – not like the labels when we were kids, did those even last through one wash?

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