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We really do not have any pets. We have fish. The fish were the experiment to see if Bill could handle something like a cat or a dog. I have never had a pet and do not really see the need for one. Bill, on the other hand, has been brought up with animals. At times, it sounds like his house could have been a zoo. We still only have fish, because he sucks at taking care of them. He never remembers to take care of the tank. I don't think he remembers to feed them every day. He then wonders why I won't let him get anything else. I already have 2 (aff) people to take care of plus another one on the way. I don't need anything else added to that list.

Bill's theory is that he can keep working on me and I will give in eventually. We'll have to see . . .

10 thoughts on “Pets

  1. We let the girls have fish once – about the only thing they liked about them was flushing them down the toilet when they died *rolls eyes* such nice compassionate children I have lol

  2. I would love to have a tropical aquarium, but I'm afraid I'd end up like Bill and let the poor things get all covered with scum before they died of starvation, lol!

  3. Fish can be an expensive hobby. Goldfish will interract with you. I've heard that. Dont know if it is true. My daughter won a goldfish in a ring toss thing at the carnival. I forgot about it til her room started stinking and the bowl was so cloudy you couldn't see the fish. Poor thing.

  4. See, I think fish are too easy to kill and not a great way to see if someone can handle the responsibility. If you want to do a "trial" then I would think that maybe pet sitting would be a start. Or, you could try a hamster or gerbil.

    When I met my husband, his parents had 5 poodles. We now have two dogs and I love it. They are very much a part of the family.

  5. This is just the opposite of me and my husband! I was raised with pets and would love having a dog. He doesn't not want any pets. We have a fish!

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