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i phone: WordWorld “Build a Word” app

Are your kids fans of WordWorld? Mine are (especially my 6 year old who is learning to read).

The “Build a Word” app is based on the WordWorld television show. Children will shake up this “WordBuilder” to watch letters float across the screen. They can then place letters in the outline provided to build words one letter at a time. By pushing the letters of each word together, words will magically “morph” into WordFriends! DOG, DUCK, PIG, ANT, FROG, SHEEP, BUG, COW, CAT and BEE come to life and help children build early literacy skills. They also installed the following upgrades:

· Re-programming the app to be compatible with the 4.0 iPhone operating system.

· Randomizing the presentation of the WordFriends for more WordBuilding fun!

· Decreasing the price. You can now purchase the app for the low, low cost of only $0.99.

What do I think of it? It's great. Before I could even tell Madison how to work it, she already had figured it out! It was pretty easy for her to use, and she enjoyed making words with it! Will was even able to use it! This is a great app to add to your phone if you let your kids play on it! It'll definitely keep them busy and learning!

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