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PopCap Games

If you are looking for some great games for Christmas presents, I have a few that I'd love to pass along:

Plants Vs. Zombies is an excellent fast-paced strategy game. A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home (aff), and your only defense is an arsenal of zombie-zapping plants. This game is fun for the whole family – anyone age 5 to 105 can enjoy this game! Madison loves it. You'll find her laughing and giggling while she plays. She's even got Bill playing it too! It is fun to see how her strategy is so different than my husbands. This game has hours of fun!

Bookworm Adventures is a game where you build words and battle monsters. You link letters to form words that keep Lex the hungry bookworm well-fed. Longer words earn bonuses and Lex's gratitude,but if you take too long the letters keep piling up. You also have to watch out for the fiery red letters that will burn down your library. For us, this was a great game that reinforces her spelling and vocabulary words. Plus, anything that has monsters in she loves!

Adults of all ages have already logged 9 billion hours playing Bejeweled, and it’s on the road to complete gamer domination with one copy sold every 4.3 seconds. Bejeweled 3, the hottest version of the most beloved match 3 game in history! Bejeweled 3 (aff) is another awesome game. You get:

  • 8 ways to play: With so many new ways to play, you'll find a perfect match for every mood!
  • Classic mode: Play the most popular puzzle game of the century, with powerful new gems and new ultra-smooth gameplay
  • Quest mode: Journey through 40 magical puzzles in this multifaceted Bejeweled challenge!
  • Zen mode: Tailor your experience with sights, sounds and binaural beats (aff) to create your own relaxing retreat
  • Lightning mode: Charge up with a challenging timed game of heart-pounding, gem-blasting fun!
  • Secret modes: Unlock 4 all-new games as you play
  • Badges: Earn up to 65 badges to prove your multifaceted skills
  • High-definition graphics: Amazing sights and sounds — Bejeweled is more sparkling than ever before!
  • Ultra-smooth action: Make multiple matches while new gems fall into place

All three of these games would make a great addition to the computer games you already have. My family loves them, and they are super fun to play!

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  1. Great reviews! I think I'm going to get the Bejeweled 3. It's so fun and I wanna play in Quest Mode. Thanks for sharing!

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