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Rainbow Brite

If you are a girl (and around my age), Rainbow Brite is definitely a character that you remember from your childhood.  I recently learned that there is an entire site devoted to Rainbow Bright and the gang.  It was awesome to introduce my 6 year old to Rainbow Brite and watch her have a ton of fun with it.  Not only does the site have 4 animated episodes on it, there are games, puzzles, coloring pages, etc on it.  You kids can easily get lost for hour in it!  (I know Madison was!).  Even more exciting than the new site is that the newest Rainbow Brite fashion doll collection is now available at Target stores and should be arriving to Toys R Us this month!

Rainbow Brite is a character that you don't have to worry about your children watching.  She is wholesome, beautiful, and the stories are great for little girls to watch.  I highly recommend checking her out and even picking up a doll (I'm checking right now to see if my local Target has them!).

7 thoughts on “Rainbow Brite

  1. Hey, being a girl doesnt matter. m a guy but i still love that character. ANd that site about her is really great for her fans. I visit that regularly.

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