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Scrabble Flash

I don't know about you, but I am a fan of Scrabble. With Madison learning to read and spell now (she's got spelling tests every week!), Scrabble is game that helps her do better in school. That's why we were super excited to check out Scrabble Flash.

Instead of having a bunch of letter pieces, you now have 5 electronic tiles. In 75 seconds, you then take the titles and try to spell as many words as you can. You can play alone or with others. There are several different versions of the game you can do also (all listed with the directions).

What did we think? Madison liked it. For someone learning to spell, I did wish that she had more than 75 seconds. Besides that, we loved the game. Not only is the game challenging for the kids, it was for me too. I love that you can play both single player and multiplayer. The game doesn't get old. It is also really nice that there is a case inside that allows you to put the tiles into. The game goes down small enough that you can easily fit it into your purse or bag.

Scrabble Flash is a fun game!

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