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Screaming Toddlers

What do you think we should do?

Madison has woken up 3 times this week screaming. Screaming to the point that you would think she is hurt. What is screaming about? Bill is not here. She screams and then cries uncontrollably. One morning this week I thought she was going to make herself throw up she was crying so hard. Now, if she is a awake when Bill leaves, he gives her a kiss, and she is okay about it.

This situation is not going to fly with a new baby in the house. Should he wake her up and kiss her before he leaves? Or see if it happens again?

5 thoughts on “Screaming Toddlers

  1. Here's an idea that may work.

    have Bill write her a quick note before he leaves. Have him place it next to her on her bed.

    Then when she wakes up screaming, you can clam her down and say look! He left you something! Let's read it!

    the note can say how much he loves her, wishes he was there to hug her when she wakes, but he'll be there to hug her when he returns, and he hopes she is a good girl all day and has fun.

    It will be a special note just for her, it may clam her down, and let her know he loves her and is thinking of her.

  2. The only thing that worked when my brother was little was for my dad to wake him up before he left and have him wave to him as we leaving for work. Otherwise my brother would be screaming for hours.

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