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Snapatoonies: At the Zoo with Turtle

Snapatoonies is great fun for kids.  It is highly interactive and will have your little ones thinking and shouting out answers as the characters ask lots of questions.  This is a series of DVDs and each show is a different story.  Every show is packed with more fun and adventures with a new character/host and new and exciting things to learn.  The Snapatoonies kids on the train are always encouraging your little ones to shout out the answers and keep interacting with the show.  Something I have noticed is the repeat of the core concept they are striving for multiple times.  Your kids are learning and they don't even realize it!

We've personally been spending a lot of time at the zoo, so At the Zoo with Turtle has been a great compliment to what we were already doing in real life.  These DVDs are for ages 6  months to 5 years old.  I agree with that age range though the concepts can be a little too simple for an advanced 5 year old.  However, this DVD allowed us a little closer view of the animals than we get at the zoo, and we got to see a few animals that aren't at our local zoo.  It did hold my soon to be 5 year olds attention, and we enjoyed the DVD.

I would recommend checking out Snapatoonies:  At the Zoo with Turtle.

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