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So I Had A Crazy Week Last Week – #NSNation Update Week 35 #samp

I'm going to start off my post with this picture:

This is one of the best “before” pictures I've got. I'm not in a lot of photos. I end up taking them instead. However, it's a good pic of me. It also will make what I have to say next make more sense.

This is the picture from my BIL's wedding last Friday night. I had my SIL take it at our table right before we ate.

As I write this, I am absolutely floored by a couple of things. First, I had soooo many people come up to me at the wedding and tell me I looked good. What surprised me was the people who came up to me and said they didn't recognize. Now, granted, I had my hair done up and makeup, but I was shocked. (Then again, Will didn't recognize me when I picked him up from school. (Yes, I am serious.)

Now, some of these people I haven't seen in a year. Others, its been a couple of months.  And I guess I changed, huh?  I have made that wedding photo my facebook profile photo so I look at it every day.  I need to see what you all see for my sanity.  I need to retrain my brain to see what you all see.  Because now between those two photos, I may actually see a little difference!

And remember my freaking out last week?  Because I couldn't control what I ate for like 4 days?  Umm, yeah.  Lost a pound.  I don't get it.  Work my butt off, lost nothing.  I did my best with my food choices I did have under control, and I was able to not only not gain but lose.  I will never understand this weight loss thing.  LOL


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16 thoughts on “So I Had A Crazy Week Last Week – #NSNation Update Week 35 #samp

  1. you're totally kicking my butt now. I'm still at 50 because I keep relosing the same 5-7pounds. but I can't believe you don't see a HUGE difference. You look amazing. Do you FEEL the difference?

    I hope you don't take this wrong because it is 100% meant with love but if you aren't totally in love with yourself and totally proud of the changes you've made…you might want to talk to someone because you are doing better and looking better than I am and even with all I have left to lose (I'm a size 20 still for crying out loud) I still make myself smile when I catch myself in the mirror (when I'm wearing a new proper fitting outfit)

    YOU ROCK, embrace it!!! You look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But if you don't feel amazing….there's other work to be done so you don't sabotage what you've worked so hard for!!!

    1. I am going to try doing what Andrea told me. It's just a matter of retraining my brain. As for not feeling good, that's just my high school self esteem coming out. LOL You all see thinner. I see all the spots I still need to lose. And I would just make myself go use the Bowflex in the basement, I could probably tone those spots.

      I don't feel the difference. Unless I drink caffeine. That being said, I would never had done a lot of things like the Pretty Muddy Run without losing this weight. I do feel good when I walk into a store and actually fit into things! 🙂 However, something I did notice is that I take better care of myself now.

      And I've made changes. I keep quiting soda but I keep going back too it (I love caffeine). I drink a lot more water than I ever have in my life. I use fat free cheese, dressing, etc and I only buy wheat bread now.

      To be honest, I never thought I'd get to this point, and I feel strange when people tell me I'm inspirational. I just worked the program in my own way. (For example, I'll be taking my son out to dinner tonight since his sister will be at a sleepover. I just make much smarter food decisions.)

      We need to hang out again! 🙂 You still look great!

      1. I totally get doing things you wouldn't before. I've done several things I wouldn't before and THAT makes me proud. Just keep doing what you're doing.

        ps I hate being told an inspiration in some ways cuz it just makes me think of all the things I do wrong. But as long as you're doing this for you it doesn't matter, or at least that's what I tell myself

        1. It was so funny at the wedding. Bill's cousin's wife asked me if Bill tells me everyday how good I look. I said no. So she walked up to him and told he needed to tell me that. LOL

          Some days though, I do need that validation from others. However, I remember in high school being rail thin and thinking I was fat. I look at those pictures and just shake my head.

          I'll be honest – my next minigoal for myself is to get down to 150 lbs. Even though it is only another 14 lbs to lose, it seems so far away. But then again, I never thought I'd make it this far!

  2. WOW, you are doing very well! You look marvelous !!! It's been a ruff journey for me but after seeing your results I know I need to stay focus. Wow can I have permission to share your post with another friend Angie, she too is having a hard time too. You really inspire me Lisa!

    1. Feel free to share away. 🙂 I'm sooo NOT inspirational. You missed my FB breakdown this week about what to do with the 7 bags of clothes I own taht don't fit now. 🙂

  3. Lisa you are rockin' girl! I'm so proud of you and how good you are feeling. Keep it up and you are right, no figuring out the weight loss, weight gain or no change. Just keep doing what you are doing!

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