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Thank you Betty White for the Best SNL Ever

I quit watching Saturday Night Live a long time ago, because I just didn't find it funny. However, when I heard about the campaign on Facebook to get Betty White to host, I joined immediately.  When they did ask her and she accepted, I set my DVR.  I'm so glad I did.

Tonight has to be the funniest SNL I've ever seen.  I cried from laughing so hard.  My stomach is killing me.  I mean we heard Betty use the F word and the Wizards of Ass and even a great skit about Muffins.  My favorite skit — the digital short with Betty's version of the Golden Girls song.  Let's just say I didn't see that coming.  Lots of sex jokes that were so damn funny coming out of her mouth.  I have to say  that I pity the West Coasters who haven't seen it yet, because Twitter was abuzz tonight.  Betty White trended all night!

We can't thank you enough Betty!  Please come again!

2 thoughts on “Thank you Betty White for the Best SNL Ever

  1. 🙄 Thanks Lisa. Glad you enjoyed the show. Was it a once off or is Betty doing more appearances?

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