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The Doctor Visit: Madison

I almost forgot — Madison had her 6 year old checkup on Thursday.  It went pretty good.  She's 3 (aff)'10” and 52 lbs.  She's right on track where she is suppose to be.  We discussed her dehydration issues and remember when she got sick a couple of weeks ago and I let her stay home (aff)?  I did the right thing and need to do it again if she's dehydrated before she goes to school.  We have to stay ahead of it, and I can't do that if she's at school.  She also has a note so that she can carry a water bottle at school.  It was nice knowing that I made the right decision.    I did have to laugh when the pediatrician told me that she definitely needs to be involved some after school programs (since she was bouncing off the walls).  I wanted to say welcome to my world.  LOL  Currently, she has karate on Fridays and girl scouts every other Monday.  I think  more than that would be too much for a kindergartener.

She also got brand new glasses, and I'll get a picture of them up with her in them as soon as I find my camera.  🙂

3 thoughts on “The Doctor Visit: Madison

  1. Why did you wait so long? Drugs are good when you feel like crap. I wait 5 days. If it doesnt get better by then I see the Doc. Being a mom is hard enough. Thats why they invented antibiotics 🙂

  2. Hi! You requested to follow me on twitter. How funny that we both have daughters named Madison! My Madison will 5 yrs old in about 3 weeks 🙂 We have had a lot of ear infections, pink eye, bronchitis (me included) at my house in the past few months too. Ugh. I look forward to chatting w/you.

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