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Tootsie Roll Review and Giveaway

This contest is now over. The winner is Kat! Congrats!

Who doesn’t like candy?  If you are raising your hand, slowly walk away from the post and don’t read anymore.  If you like candy, keep reading because this post is all about it.

I was lucky enough to have Tootsie send me a ton of candy to try out (like I would ever turn down candy!).  I love the Tootsie Roll banks.  I remember those from being a kid!  My kids are super excited to have them (and the candy inside).    My mother in law absolutely loves the Caramel Apply Pops.  I love the bag of Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy.  Yes, I have to admit to hiding it, so I didn’t have to share with the kids.  Of course, we have the Pops suckers with a tootsie roll inside and Blow Pops, and those get a thumbs up too.  Though of the suckers, my favorite has to be the Tootsie Pops Miniatures.  They are the perfect size if you have little ones who never end up finishing their suckers and handing them to you (mom).  No more figuring out what you are going to do with a half eaten sucker.  Oh, I can’t forget the Dubble Bubble bubble gum either.  Love it!

I could seriously go on and on about this candy, but I know you all read giveaway in the title of this post.  You want to know how you could get your own 16 lbs of candy.  (Yes, you read that right.  I checked the UPS label — there is 16 lbs of candy here!).  Without further ado, here’s what you need to do:

Leave a comment on this entry. Check out the Tootsie website and tell me which is your favorite candy.

Each of these gives you one additional entry:

1. Twitter about this contest. Please leave me your username so I can verify. Or use something like this:

RT @blm03 is giving away 16 lbs of Tootsie candy!

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If this isn’t working, please let me know. For some reason, WordPress seems to be eating the code up when I post.

This contest will run till Tuesday April 7th at noon CST. The winner must get their address to me by noon on the 8th to get the candy by Easter, so make sure you check back!

This contest is for US residents and will end at April 1st at noon CST and is for everyone! Good Luck!!!

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610 thoughts on “Tootsie Roll Review and Giveaway”

  1. Hands down I'm all about the Dots. Everyone buys me massive amounts of Dots for Christmas every year because I'm addicted to those suckers!


  2. I like to give my youngest son a tootsie pop while his brother is participating in sporting events. It keeps him busy.

  3. The Junior Mints Are My Favorites. Yum! Love Mints and Mints with Chocolate Coating even better. I like how there having the how many licks contest too. I think it ends in July. Hope to win the grand prize there of $50,000.

  4. My favorite candy is Andes or Junior Mints or Tootsie Pops….ugh! Can you tell I have a sweettooth? 😆

    Thank you.

  5. Oh I love Toosie rolls! For every holiday I send my hubby a box of candies (he is currently deployed to Iraq) so I would share this with him for Easter. My fave is Tootsie Pops. Even as a kid I loved them. My hubbys favorite would definitely be Andes.

  6. I've never meet a Tootsie I didn't love! My fav is the big log – it makes them even softer and chewier than the little midgets.

    Fun contest!


  7. I always loved the Charms Blow Pops!! And just the plain ol original Tootie Rolls are by far my ALL TIME favorite candy!! :mrgreen:

  8. Tootsie Rolls is my favorite. When I was a very little girl my mom would by me Tootsie Rolls and I had them in my lunch box quite a bit.

  9. My favorite candy of their's is Charleston Chew and the vanilla flavored Tootsie Rolls.

  10. Andes mints, although I didn't know they were made by Tootsie until I looked at the site. Are you aware that you have 2 ending dates on the post??

  11. Sugar Babies! I have a terrible sweet tooth and I love to keep a bag of those in my desk. I love that they are chewy and I can take my time eating each one – hopefully making it so I don't eat too many at a time! At least that's what I keep telling myself……….

  12. I love all candy. Junior mints to tootsie roll pops, I love them all. Would love to win to share with my family.

  13. 😆 OH MY I LOVE TOOTSIE ROLLS! Loved them since i was favorite if I have to chose lol is the Tootsie Fruit Rolls 🙂 😉

  14. Hi, Would love to win. WOW. My very favorite are the mini sized Tootsie rolls in chocolate – love to get whole bag fulls for my own little treats. My family loves Tootsie Pops. Crazy for these. Thanks and many blessings, Stefanie Hartman

  15. I love Tootsie Pops. It's fun to work my way through the shell to the chewy insides. Please accept my entry. Thank you. 😆

  16. Tootsie Rolls are by far my favorite candy ever! They are an addiction to me….once I start eating them I can't stop!!

  17. Tootsie Fruit Rolls. The week after 9/11, when we were in shock and the city was silent, I think I lived on their soft comfort.

  18. I love Blow Pops. I remember when they first came out. I also had a Tootsie Roll bank as a kid that I won as part of a contest a local tv show was running. I loved that bank!

  19. I love the big fat tootsie rolls (though they make my jaw hurt) and also the small vanilla flavored ones. Thanks for the contest.

  20. Tootsie Pops are tops
    cuz they last a LONG, LONG time—
    and I remember, as a kid
    I bought FIVE of 'em for a dime!


  21. I like the traditionl tootsie roll. They're non-fat, have a great chocolate taste and won't melt in your pocketbook like regular chocolate.

    Tootsie rule!!

  22. caramel apple pops for sure. they are such a unique product… come to think of it, there are no substitutes for pretty much any of the tootsie products and they're all classics!

  23. Yikes how to choose!!! I guess it would have to be the classic Tootsie Roll or Andes. Thank you and have a great Easter 😆



  25. I am most definately a Junior Mints girl! It's funny to think back and realize how many of the Tootsie candies have been around since I was a kid, … and I am WAY past being a kid in physical age anymore. 🙂

  26. I love the Tootsie Roll snack bars! There is something so satisfing about biting into the big hunk of tootsie roll. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. My favorite has always been the Tootsie Roll Pops, and I have fond memories from childhood about licking the pop to get to the chewy Tootsie Roll center!

  28. My favorite has always been the chocolate and cherry flavor tootsie roll pops. I also love Charlston Chews too (which I never knew were made by tootsie roll company), especially the mini-charlston chews that they have in the movie theater size boxes. I also love the vanilla flavor tootsie rolls that I have only seen a couple of times.

  29. I like the fruit flavored tootsie rolls or the original chocolate ones. This candy would be so much fun to grandchildren and my 2 nieces are coming to Florida for Easter break and we could have huge Easter Egg Hunt!!

  30. My favorite is teh orange tootsie rolls.My 21 month old son is addicted to tootsie rolls(the original ones).Thanks!

  31. Yummy prize! I'm partial to the Tootsie Fruit Rolls, all flavors. I'd love to win this. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  32. Wow I could keep my coworkers supplied with candy for like and hour. LOL I could so pay everyone back for all the candy I have borrowed. :mrgreen: I love choc tootsie pops. What a great prize. I don’t know how to do all the stuff listed to enter so I hope just a blog is good enough. I am behind in times but try’n…. 😯

  33. Oooh, I love love love the vanilla flavored Tootsie Rolls that come in the flavor assortment pack! And Crows. I didn't know Tootsie made those. And do I see a pomegranate Tootsie Pop? Wow. Would love to try it!

  34. My son is a total standard Tootsie Roll fan, but my secret favorite is Junior Mints. I hide them in niches around the house for when I get a craving!

  35. My favorite Tootsie products are the Charms Blow Pops. I'm having a grape one right this moment! Thanks for the chance to win some great candies!

  36. I love tootsie pops, they are a great weight watcher treat at 1 point per pop. However when I was pregnant I had dreams about tootsie rolls growing in my yard. In all different sizes. Minis, Midges, and full bars. I was raking them all up into a big pile. I went to the store and they didn't have the full bar kind, so they tore open a bag of the midgies and just gave a few to me. I love combining tootsie rolls with stuff, like Twizzlers, it's like a chocolate covered strawberry! Or I freeze the tootsie rolls, so they take longer to chew. My niece was eating a huge wad of tootsie rolls from her halloween candy, and it yanked a loose tooth out! She spit the whole mess out, and showed it to me. I didn't get what I was seeing at first. I asked her, why are you showing me a tooth embedded in a cat turd? Anyway, regardless of that experience, I still love tootsie rolls.

  37. Junior Mints are the absolute best! I love getting them when I go to the movies and letting them melt in my mouth as I sit back and watch the movie. They are on my must-have list, right up there with buttered popcorn and a soda at all flicks! Thanks for the yummy giveaway!

  38. My husband says tootsie rolls are my magic candy everytime i eat them during card games i win. So i vote for original tootsie roll.

    texaswaitress (at)

  39. I love Tootsie Pops! I always keep some in my desk drawer at work for when I need a little something sweet. My fave flavor is the raspberry. Thanks!

  40. I love the flavored tootsie roll minis. Especially the orange ones. I like to chew an orange and a chocolate one at the same time to make a chocolatey-orange flavor,

  41. I love the cherry tootsie pops, we always keep tootsie pops or some kinda tootsie candy in a dish on the table.Always been a family favorite.