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Top 5 Things To Do With Your Old Christmas Cards

Even though it's 107 degrees out today, I can think about Christmas in July. It makes the fact that I can't get my house below 80 degrees all the more bearable.  That being said, what do you do with your old Christmas cards?  You know, the ones you aren't using anymore.  Whether you got your cards from Storkie or from the store, there is just so much you can do beside throwing away that old Christmas card.

1.  My first recommendation I actually have to give my husband's Aunt Pat credit for.  She is a teacher, and she has her students bring in old Christmas cards.  They then take the Christmas card and tell a story about the picture on it.  You don't need to do this at school either!  It is just as easy to do at home (aff)!

2 (aff).  Make a collage with all the images.  Will and Madison love to take Christmas cards and cut out the pictures.  We then take those cut out pictures and glue them onto a piece of construction paper.  Sometimes, we tell stories.  Other times, we just have fun with it.

3 (aff).  I love my friend's Heather suggestion of making card boxes.  Now, I've done the same with cereal boxes, and I have a feeling these card boxes are about 100 times easier to make.

4.  If you have a lot of Christmas cards that have family on it, don't throw it away.  Add it your photo albums or scrapbooks.  It is fun 5 and 10 years later to look at how young everybody looked!  (Including your own family!).

5.  Use them for a craft project like cutting the back of the card and now you have a seasonal post card or cut the Christmas card into strips.  You now have bookmarks!

These are a few of the things you can do with old Christmas cards?  How do you use old Christmas cards in your home (aff)?

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  1. You may cut out the pictures, paste it on paper plates, paste some cottons around each pic and sprinkle some glitters. There you have a Christmas wall decor. 🙂

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