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Town House FlipSides

I just got a box of these Town House Flipsides to try tonight, and I have to admit that I really like them. I was really interested in figuring out how a cracker pretzel was going to taste. Surprisingly, these Town House Flipsides are really good! I tried the cheddar thinking I wasn't going to like it. Usually, cheddar flavored things knock you over, because they are so cheesy. These had the perfect amount of cheese flavoring. As far as taste goes, they taste like a cracker and a pretzel (I know, you probably could have figured that out!). It is actually a really good combination. I can see us eating this plain and eating this with dip. This is also a great treat to bring to my daughters preschool. The kids really don't sugar for their snack time. Also, one of the girls in her glass is allergic to peanuts. This makes it extremely difficult to find something to bring for a snack (I swear almost almost everything has peanuts in it or was made on something that came into contact with peanuts), and this would work perfectly the next time I need to bring a snack! To quote Madison (who is 4), these are “beautiful” and “yummy in my tummy”. Needless to say, these were a big hit in my house!

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