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Update on Will and Madison too

In the mess I came home (aff) to, I forgot to blog about what happened before I left. I was getting ready last Tuesday morning for my trip to Stouffers, when Will came running out of his room.  Now, he had been in a crib.  The top of the crib is pretty high, so we knew we were in trouble and had to turn his bed into a toddler bed.  Over this last weekend, Bill and I did just that.  So far, so good.  He hasn't come running out too many times, and it has been a lot easier than when we did this with Madison (though Madison was 1 when she climbed out.  He's almost two).

The Madison update is that she's sick now.  She's running a fever and has a bad cold.

I know, I know — I'd love to catch a break too.

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3 thoughts on “Update on Will and Madison too

  1. When Xander began climbing out we switched him to the toddler bed. It worked out nicely and he slept way better.

    Is Madison doing any better from yesterday?

  2. Oh I like how the rail on your crib works! Ours didn't have that cut out for them to be able to climb in and out easily, so the rail itself was shorter. Yours looks a lot safer.

    I hope that Will is doing better, and Madison too!

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