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Wise Talk For Families

Wise Talk is one of those games that is nothing like anything out there. Instead of a game, it is more of a way for kids and parents and even grandparents to connect. Wise Talk connects wisdom to words.

There are 26 alphabet tokens in the box. You pick a token and then look up the letter in the Wise Talk book (also included with the game). Each page of the book is filled with engaging questions. For example, Madison picked the letter U. She realized that U started the work Unique. We then were able to discuss how she is unique to everyone else (we discussed some of her special talents like playing piano). The best part of this game is that it can last as long or as short as you need. If you just have 5 minutes, pick one letter. If you have a block of time, you get to pick lots of letters. It really will get your mind and your kids' minds thinking. I love how this opens the door of communication between everyone!

I recommend Wise Talk to every family who want to have meaningful, heartfelt conversations.

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