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A note to my husband . . .

Dear Husband:

If you kill a spider in the bathtub, please wash it down the drain. I don't like a morning surprise when I go to climb into the shower. You know I am deathly afraid of spiders. This goes for the sinks too.

Thank you!


(Can you guess what happened at my house this morning?  Anybody else afraid of creapy crawlies in their tub?)

8 thoughts on “A note to my husband . . .

  1. hahaha! this is too funny! maybe i should be doing this as well. i could maybe leave similar post-it notes all around the house. do you think writing it down for them would get the meesage accross better? 🙂

  2. this is funny lol..the other night i saw a 2 spiders in our tub and told the husband about it..he said to kill 'em but i didn;t want to so he got up from bed and killed the creepy crawlies as i call them..the next morning he took his shower and all but didn't wash down the poor spiders..talk about getting even..

  3. That makes me laugh just a bit. I am not married but I think I will try this one on my roomies to see what the reaction is. Great idea, thanks.

  4. Try finding one of your husband's lizards (one that had escaped three months prior, and was thought to be dead) in the shower at 6 am. Not a fun thing! I sympathize with you about the spider!

  5. (Leigh, did the lizard still live? That would freak me out to find any kind of bug anywhere, but most especially in the shower. I get afraid it will crawl back up the drain. . .He leaves dead spiders in the sinks? I would panic.

  6. Actually, yes the lizard did live, and is still living now some 6 months later. It was a horrible experience, but I managed to catch it and put it back in the tanks (with the help of some leather gloves and a lot of laughing by my children.)

  7. My kids are actually in LOVE with spiders, bugs, anything that crawls. They're 2 and 3 and they won't let us kill any spiders. Even if it is late and night and we see one, somehow they have secret ear sensitivity to when a bug is about to die… it's cute, but I can just imagine when there is one that actually bites! ugh!

  8. I remember that stage. Luckily my kids have grown past it, but my little girl is still into frogs and such, she's always trying to sneak these little tiny frogs that are all over around here into her bedroom.

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