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Myself Belts

beltsOne of the most frustrating things I've come across is finding a belt for Madison. The kid needs an actual belt not just a pretty thing to hold up her pants (I wish I had that problem). The problem we were having was that I couldn't actually find any belts in the stores that she could do by herself.  Step in Myself Belts.  These belts are a lifesaver in my house.  They are velcro, so Madison can do it herself.  Actually, Will my 2 (aff) year old can do it himself too.   It's a great way to promote independence with your kids.  These are perfect for special needs too, because they literally can undo and do this belt with one hand.  They even have adult sizes (which I think is awesome since I can imagine how difficult a regular belt must be if you have arthritis).  Price wise, these belts are cheaper than anything I found in the stores (which Madison couldn't do).

I can only highly recommend these belts.  My kids can do them by themselves, they are hardy, and the price is right.  What more can you ask for?


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One thought on “Myself Belts

  1. Finding belts for kids is hard! I have a boy though and it seems like lots of their jeans come with belts, but little girl clothes don't seem to have the same luxury. Like boys are the only ones that need their pants to stay up? lol

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