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One of the things Madison has been begging for is Bendaroos.  She saw an infomercial a while back and has been dying to have these.  As you can see, she is enjoying taking her Bendaroos out and separating them.  They stick and stay in whatever configuration you put them in.  What I loved the most was that you can unbend them!  Bendaroos literally can almost do anything — they held every shape we put them in.  They also stick to walls and windows, so you can decorate with them too.  I loved that they also came with a guide to show you how to make some pretty cool designs.  Here are a couple that Madison and I made:

I can guarantee you that these will go with us on our next car trip to Green Bay (a four drive in no traffic). These are definitely hours of fun!  I highly recommend these.  Madison and I had a lot of fun creating all sorts of things with our Bendaroos, and since they regain their original shape, they can be used over and over and over again.

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3 thoughts on “Bendaroos

  1. My daughter has been asking for these, too. I'm now thinking about getting them for our next car trip; thanks for the suggestion and review!

  2. HI,
    It's seems interesting. My little sister asking me for these, too. Now i think i should carry out these things with our next car trip. Thanks for the suggestions. Keep blogging.

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