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Calling All DIY’ers!

I love to find great sales.  I love to find great sales that I can actually use even better, and Sears has one of those going on.  Now, I know a ton of people who can always use tools for Christmas.  I'll be honest, we do most of our tool shopping at Sears.  It is really close to my house, they always have staff willing to help me (since I am an idiot when it comes to tools I need all the help I can get), and their prices are really great.  Our two last big purchases were from Sears:  snowblower and lawn mower.  We wouldn't keep coming back if we didn't like it there.  Now, the picture I've included with this post is not for tools but a storage holder (which is on sale too!).  I can't tell you how many times I have heard “where is my (insert tool name)”  For some reason, even though I don't use his tools I should know where he put it.  Now, your favorite tool person could have a place to put all the new tools you buy them too!

Seriously though, I highly recommend Sears for your tool shopping.  They have all of the major namebrands you could want (DeWalt, Craftsman, etc).  They have a great selection and pricing too, and you can take any extra 10% off any tools you want! Definitely check out the Craftsman C3 Tools on Sale! Happy shopping!

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