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Cold, Seasonal Flu & H1N1 Symptoms

I got this great chart to help you decipher what sickness is going around in your house. As a mom, I am freaking out about H1N1, and this really helps to figure out what's going on.  (That being said, always make sure you call your doctor for the proper medical care).

h1n1 chart

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11 thoughts on “Cold, Seasonal Flu & H1N1 Symptoms

  1. Thanks for posting this chart Lisa.

    It makes me almost sure I didn't have the H1N1 although I did have some of the symptoms. But there were enough that I didn't have that make me think it was a cold or the flu.

    With traveling, who knows what you might catch – but I wouldn't have missed IZEAFest for anything!

  2. I don't know what is going with me this year, I've had several colds already. I'm glad I know it's not H1N1 because I always start with a stuffed nose.

  3. I wish I had this info when our Health Dept. told us that my daughter's likelihood of having H1N1 was 99%. She just had a fever, cough and fatigue. All that worrying for nothing.

  4. You know what, I'm sending this to my wife. Very helpful information as the season approaches. I heard last night that the "pandemic is declared a national emergency" I'm just not that into it but with little ones, better safe than sorry…

  5. People were getting paranoid about Flu rage spread all across the globe. This is a very helpful article considering the clear cut distinctions mentioned by you. Thanks for sharing.

  6. My 4 year old daughter started showing symptoms last Friday. She is still running high fever and cough. Doc says this will probably go on until Sunday. Day 10 but she is still very contagious right now.No one else in the home is sick or showing any signs. So for those of you who have been up close and personal with someone infected with H1N1 how many days later did you get sick, if you did?


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